Review of Pipo M6 Max (Retina Tablet)

I’ve been wanting to have a tablet for quite a while now but I was adamant at spending the roughly PhP30,000.00 to get the latest iPad4.  So I did some searching around with the following things I wanted from my tablet:  A very good screen, high resolution, bright, good contrast, as I will be using this most of the time to display images, read PDFs, check email,... Read More

iPhone 5 finally available for registration to Globe Telecom Subcribers!

Globe Telecom iPhone 5 registration website

So today I got an email from Globe Telecom saying “The iPhone 5 is almost here!” Haha talk about being anti-climatic, almost here? haha.  The rest of the world has had it for months already!  Anyway, the email goes something like this, and if you’ve subscribed to their newsletter then you most probably will get it as well:   Globe Telecom iPhone 5 availability... Read More

Oh Asus! I want your Taichi!

Unlike other bloggers who immediately post about events they just attended, I’m writing this a week after the fact (because I’m different! haha!). I went to this really inspiring launch of touch-optimised laptops and all-in-ones by ASUS thanks to my college friend and tech blogger Mark (you can check his post about the event at Gadgetshelf; oh and by the way Mark, thanks... Read More