#Listening to Our Love Sharon Van Etten

I’ve rediscovered this song on my playlist called Our Love by Sharon Van Etten. You can listen to it on Spotify. I love the clean, quiet texture. On my Tannoys, they give a strong thumpiness that’s satisfying – especially apparent at the beginning beat, my speakers can take those lows and deliver tight, clear bass. […]


Signs, signs, signs

I began having a fascination with directional signage when I was a consultant to this tourist master development plan in my country.  It was not surprising since I had to design many way finding devices.  When I got to the UK I was delighted by the vast number and variation I found.  In Britain, it […]

London Undergound!

Since it’s always a good time to reminisce, I’m posting here pictures of the London Underground, or the tube for short.  Just random pictures over the year or so I stayed at the UK.  I have many good memories of using the tube and it’s so fun really, I can’t wait to go back and […]

Brighton, UK

Brighton was one of the places I wanted to visit because of the University of Sussex.  The funny thing was I wasn’t able to visit the University of Sussex but I did go around Brighton! If you want to know more about Brighton then check out what Wikipedia has to say about it. I went […]