We all need our own little space

Sometimes (hopefully just sometimes) it feels like life is passing you by, you’re barely yourself and you’re mostly just floating by. Things get too busy or just too much. Or sometimes there’s too little and nothing and you wish you could do more. Sometimes you’re overwhelmed by what could be, what hasn’t even happened. So many decisions to make. You need time alone in your own little space. Gotta get myself going soon! Alas! Those moments in life…... Read More

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2013 Planner

It’s that time of year again and unlike before I’m actually looking forward to drinking those memorable Christmas-only drinks at Coffee Bean!  I usually hang out at their branch in Robinsons Galleria.  It’s nice to work there because it’s quite, spacious and the clientele is mostly business people so everybody is quiet and chill.  I love using my swirl card too although the added bonus – the internet – is not so reliable. Well internet in... Read More

Sushiya: taste maintained!

Me, my cousin Nicole and my mom ate at Sushiya last Sunday. I’ve always loved the Sushiya at Robinsons Galleria – the food just tastes so good, consistently good and yummy. They’ve moved quite a number of times from opposite corners of the mall, their prices have gone up and up but the service size and quality have remained an unchanging excellent. That’s the kind of good restaurant you like, their prices might go up (in line with inflation of course) but... Read More

P99 curiosity at Sizzling Pepper Steak turns out a catastrophe!

I was with my mom at Robinsons Galleria today after hearing Friday mass at EDSA Shrine and it was lunch. We happened to be at the 4th floor and we passed by Sizzling Pepper Steak. I’ve heard from some people that it’s worth a try. I finally went in and tried it because they had these P99 deals. They had three variants, two were seafood and the other was a roast beef variant. Me and my mom tried the beef variant and here is how it looks: It looked good at first glance.... Read More

London Undergound!

Since it’s always a good time to reminisce, I’m posting here pictures of the London Underground, or the tube for short.  Just random pictures over the year or so I stayed at the UK.  I have many good memories of using the tube and it’s so fun really, I can’t wait to go back and try to complete visiting all the stations! I miss being at the tube when it’s almost empty, in the wee hours of the morning or late, late at night, or when it’s a holiday... Read More

Those physics people at RHUL…

While going around with Geva and Niclas at the physics part of RHUL… This was at night, I forgot what we were doing at RHUL, but we passed by physics because Niclas wanted to show his room where he was supposedly marking students papers and because he said it was a shortcut to get back home at Egham… #aaron is listening to Such Great Heights by Iron and Wine – Garden State OST  Read More

Brighton, UK

Brighton was one of the places I wanted to visit because of the University of Sussex.  The funny thing was I wasn’t able to visit the University of Sussex but I did go around Brighton! If you want to know more about Brighton then check out what Wikipedia has to say about it. I went with my friends Jemai, Lora, Cielo & hubby.  I loved the seafood, the hot afternoon lazing around the rocky beach, our late lunch at Harvester, and then the totally cold wind from the sea... Read More

Oh Asus! I want your Taichi!

Unlike other bloggers who immediately post about events they just attended, I’m writing this a week after the fact (because I’m different! haha!). I went to this really inspiring launch of touch-optimised laptops and all-in-ones by ASUS thanks to my college friend and tech blogger Mark (you can check his post about the event at Gadgetshelf; oh and by the way Mark, thanks in advance for the picture I’m going to post right after this! Update: February 2019: Mark... Read More

This world is a world of befuddling, bemusing, bewildering things!

Hello all you avid readers! Welcome to the most stupefyingly stupefying blog post ever!  I’m Aaron Lecciones and if you haven’t yet read my very awesome and well explained ‘about bemuse‘ link above then you should (it explains a lot about this blog, and has a cool picture of me in Liverpool). First and foremost I would like to thank the almighty Lord for giving me the skill, time, and especially the inspiration to once again start my blog (for the nth... Read More