From the Philippines to the USA!

For some reason, I love the whole being in airports and getting on airplanes thing. I have a fascination with airports (just like I have a fascination with signs)! I love the idea of going around an airport and discovering what shops and stores particular airports have and what they are selling inside. That’s why I’m not really into small airports for international flights, there’s nothing to do while waiting for your flight. The Manila International Airport... Read More

It started in the Philippines…

My journey to earn a Ph.D. degree began around 2017 when I decided that it was time for me to pursue a doctorate. It was about 5 years since I last left the country to complete my Master of Science in Practising Sustainable Development at Royal Holloway, University of London (read about it here: Today, two years ago I began a wonderful journey. : Bemuse. (!) and I felt that if I were to ever find time in my life now to do a terminal degree the time would be... Read More