Oh Asus! I want your Taichi!

Unlike other bloggers who immediately post about events they just attended, I’m writing this a week after the fact (because I’m different! haha!). I went to this really inspiring launch of touch-optimised laptops and all-in-ones by ASUS thanks to my college friend and tech blogger Mark (you can check his post about the event at Gadgetshelf; oh and by the way Mark, thanks in advance for the picture I’m going to post right after this! Update: February 2019: Mark removed his old blog; instead go to Katsy’s blog for this!).

Photo above shows L-R: Irene, Eason, Sir George, and Jamie (my childhood friend) holding up several of the unveiled touch devices.

My first impression was: “wow, they are a handsome group of machines!” The next thing I noticed after touching and using some of the machines was that I didn’t know how to use Windows 8! There was a moment where me and Katsy were just staring at the laptop because we didn’t know how to get back to those tile things, it was hilarious! No fret though, because the new OS was easy to learn and the laptops Asus made were just so well-built and made that it really enhanced the useability of the new Windows operating system. Oh and I have to mention Mark again because he was coaching us on how to use it.

Okay just to be fair I’m going to post my own ultra fabulous shot of the event:

My too awesome shot of the event!

Now isn’t that lovely?

Moving on…. one product really stood out from the rest for me and it’s called the ASUS Taichi!

People like this person, do not like that the touchscreen is only at the tablet part of the laptop but I bet it’s because he isn’t the user for such a device. This device works perfectly for users such as architects who like the power, conventional form, and familiarity of a laptop but at the same time having the tablet with its touchscreen function available when you close it. Power users such as architects, engineers, industrial designers will find it more useful having a business-type, powerful and serious laptop to work with and then have the tablet with the touch screen function. When will you use the touchscreen function anyway when say using autocad, or photoshop (or hardcore games haha)? My point being maybe that guy is not like people like me, who would love the power, conventional use, and the stability that comes with the familiar set-up that the laptop ‘mode’ has and then easily switch to a touchscreen where I’d be using it either to play light games or do presentations or sketch (I just love the option of being able to sketch!).

Eason using the 256 levels of pressure sensitivity stylus on the ASUS Taichi.

One useability issue that I’m pondering on was that the tilt of the screen could make collaboration akward! 😛 I can’t imagine how I could use the taichi dual screen function on a low table for two people facing eachother!

Aside from that Taichi combines both worlds of hardcore work and play, light work and play all in an 11.6″ super powered 1.25kg laptop! yeah! Even the price tag at PhP85,995.00 is fine. The only caveat now for users like me would be again, the lack of a discrete video card!

Below is a picture of me with my friend Katsy and Irene looking at a Zenbook Touch (PhP76,995.00), don’t we look great? I was actually telling Irene how much I liked the finish of the Zenbook touch in that picture! (Update February 2019: Mark removed his old blog and that included my picture with Katsy!)

Lastly, I met my friend Jamie Zaldivar who me and friends back at Landmark remember as Jamie Ysrael! Oh she is such a success and I applaud her for the dedicated and hard work she puts in to make ASUS where it is now – one of the highly desired and top brands in the Philippine market.

Me and Jamie at the ASUS Windows 8 devices launching!

Congratulations to ASUS and team for the successful launch! I myself can’t wait to see the new devices (especially the Taichi) available on shelves hopefully in time for Christmas!

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