My first week in London, ehm, Egham

So what happened in my first week in London? Well… I landed at Heathrow at around 6 in the morning, the 13th of September… So that’s me at Heathrow near this restaurant, oily faced, I needed a shower.  The airport is so beautiful and clean and organised and efficient.  I was tired from the flight and I felt cold!!  It was so different and cold.  I had to look for the bus and I found the place to be thanks to friendly by standers. ... Read More

Those physics people at RHUL…

While going around with Geva and Niclas at the physics part of RHUL… This was at night, I forgot what we were doing at RHUL, but we passed by physics because Niclas wanted to show his room where he was supposedly marking students papers and because he said it was a shortcut to get back home at Egham… #aaron is listening to Such Great Heights by Iron and Wine – Garden State OST  Read More