My first week in London, ehm, Egham

So what happened in my first week in London? Well… I landed at Heathrow at around 6 in the morning, the 13th of September… So that’s me at Heathrow near this restaurant, oily faced, I needed a shower.  The airport is so beautiful and clean and organised and efficient.  I was tired from the flight and I felt cold!!  It was so different and cold.  I had to look for the bus and I found the place to be thanks to friendly by standers. ... Read More

Today, two years ago I began a wonderful journey.

Exactly today, two years ago began a journey that I won’t forget.  I was off to another country as a recipient of a prestigious scholarship – the British Chevening Scholarship.  The days before I left, I remember I didn’t do much.  I mostly stayed at home.  It was a Monday then and the day before was a Sunday.  On Sunday’s I had a usual routine – breakfast at home, Mass at EDSA Shrine then lunch at Robinsons Galleria. ... Read More

This world is a world of befuddling, bemusing, bewildering things!

Hello all you avid readers! Welcome to the most stupefyingly stupefying blog post ever!  I’m Aaron Lecciones and if you haven’t yet read my very awesome and well explained ‘about bemuse‘ link above then you should (it explains a lot about this blog, and has a cool picture of me in Liverpool). First and foremost I would like to thank the almighty Lord for giving me the skill, time, and especially the inspiration to once again... Read More