This world is a world of befuddling, bemusing, bewildering things!

Hello all you avid readers! Welcome to the most stupefyingly stupefying blog post ever!  I’m Aaron Lecciones and if you haven’t yet read my very awesome and well explained ‘about bemuse‘ link above then you should (it explains a lot about this blog, and has a cool picture of me in Liverpool).

Jumping at the Eiffel tower because there's nothing better to do!First and foremost I would like to thank the almighty Lord for giving me the skill, time, and especially the inspiration to once again start my blog (for the nth time….).  It’s been a long time since I last posted anything on the internet for the whole wide world to see.  But alas here I am.  By now you should know, if you didn’t already know, I spent the last year in the UK completing my masters thanks to the British Government – a truly awesome experience.

The picture on the left though is of me jumping at the Eiffel Tower! I had a beautiful and friendly half Filipino and half French (yes the Filipino race is beautifully everywhere now) take my picture many many times to perfect this shot.

So back to my introduction.  Indeed this world is a world of befuddling, bemusing, and bewildering things and a man like myself needs to write these befuddling, bemusing, and bewildering things down, hence the purpose of the blog – my personal space to just write about anything!

So all you people who have nothing better to do but read this post and hopefuly continue to have nothing better to do and be blessed with an abundance of nothing to do so that you can read the rest of the nonsense I write here, await my further posts! Ciao!

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