TedxDiliman: Things That Matter

It had to be a Sunday, and the day of my cousin Nicole’s birthday.  But yes, TED came to Diliman that day. TedXDiliman: Things That Matter. My post will delve only on one topic I was fortunate enough to listen to because I was 3 hours, late not only because I decided to have lunch with my birthday cousin but also because my car’s hand break decided to give out. ... Read More

Autumn in Windsor and my second week in London…

So I left you all hanging there, my apologies.  Well what happened after I finally had my house contract nailed down? Well of course fresher’s week or something like that.  And so we went to these minglers and met up with some fab people – undergrads, postgrads, and whatever.  I remember this guy who reminds me of Magnitude from the TV series Community, he totally... Read More

My first week in London, ehm, Egham

So what happened in my first week in London? Well… I landed at Heathrow at around 6 in the morning, the 13th of September… So that’s me at Heathrow near this restaurant, oily faced, I needed a shower.  The airport is so beautiful and clean and organised and efficient.  I was tired from the flight and I felt cold!!  It was so different and cold.  I had to look... Read More

Today, two years ago I began a wonderful journey.

Exactly today, two years ago began a journey that I won’t forget.  I was off to another country as a recipient of a prestigious scholarship – the British Chevening Scholarship.  The days before I left, I remember I didn’t do much.  I mostly stayed at home.  It was a Monday then and the day before was a Sunday.  On Sunday’s I had a usual routine –... Read More

We all need our own little space

Sometimes (hopefully just sometimes) it feels like life is passing you by, you’re barely yourself and you’re mostly just floating by. Things get too busy or just too much. Or sometimes there’s too little and nothing and you wish you could do more. Sometimes you’re overwhelmed by what could be, what hasn’t even happened. So many decisions to make. You... Read More