#Listening to Our Love Sharon Van Etten

I’ve rediscovered this song on my playlist called Our Love by Sharon Van Etten. You can listen to it on Spotify. I love the clean, quiet texture. On my Tannoys, they give a strong thumpiness that’s satisfying – especially apparent at the beginning beat, my speakers can take those lows and deliver tight, clear bass. I can feel my couch vibrate and my back responds to the instances of bass vibrating the couch. The other strong suit of my speakers –... Read More

A Surface device for everyone!

No, this isn’t a raffle to give away those premium, bleeding edge technological marvels Microsoft has been crafting recently. This is what Satya Nadella said during the recently concluded Surface Event held at New York on October 02 2019. Microsoft’s Panos during the October 2 Surface Event at New York Microsoft has been making the best devices for people who basically live at the forefront of a modern, mobile, multi-faceted lifestyle. Artists can be editing... Read More