We all need our own little space


Sometimes (hopefully just sometimes) it feels like life is passing you by, you’re barely yourself and you’re mostly just floating by. Things get too busy or just too much. Or sometimes there’s too little and nothing and you wish you could do more.

Sometimes you’re overwhelmed by what could be, what hasn’t even happened. So many decisions to make.

You need time alone in your own little space. Gotta get myself going soon! Alas! Those moments in life… how annoying when they come at the most inopportune times!

Here’s to hoping for a reset soon!

PS I was curious and this is what my horoscope says for today:

A colleague — or former coworker — helps you out in a big way today, though it may not be exactly what you were hoping for. If you can stay flexible, then things should start to improve soon.

It’s weird how horoscopes can be feel so relevant. Although I can’t tell yet who that former coworker or colleague is and what kind if big help I received today, I do think I need to be flexible.

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