Autumn in Windsor and my second week in London…

So I left you all hanging there, my apologies.  Well what happened after I finally had my house contract nailed down? Well of course fresher’s week or something like that.  And so we went to these minglers and met up with some fab people – undergrads, postgrads, and whatever.  I remember this guy who reminds me of Magnitude from the TV series Community, he totally fit that character.  That magnitude character was with this hot chick who was an American of course and taking this geopolitical course, of course, the two were like straight out of a TV series.  And just like my luck, I wasn’t able to take their pictures, too bad it would have been great to make a comparison.  Anyway, my housemate made friends with some awesome Erasmus people from mainland Europe and voila before I knew it we were a group!

So the first thing we did as a group was go to Windsor yey!

1_IMG_7721 1_IMG_7716









So we ate at this Thai place and it is literally called Thai Place.  I was told that’s how the Brits are with place naming, but I’m sure the Asian owner also thought it was prudent.  You can see my friend Jakob, a nice fellow taking some tremendously difficult course for sure.  Then I happen to also have a picture of us choosing our Asian dishes.  Look at the faces concentrating, giggling, because the menu was really funny actually, I took a picture of it and when I do find it I’ll definitely make a separate post for that.  From left to right we have uhm gosh forgive me can’t place that first girl, then Geva, Kim, Katrin, Jakob, Jarnina, not pictured are Johanna and Alrun.  Meine Deutsche freunde ich liebe! And also my Polish, Israeli, Australian, British friends haha. So multicultural.

1_IMG_7756 1_IMG_7751 1_IMG_7729 1_IMG_7728

















So, some odd pictures of me and Windsor.  It was cool.  My friends rock and roll.  Little did I know that, that day I had an orientation back at school 🙂 Haha.

Alright so after that two days after, the 22nd of September, me and Geva went to the university sports thingamajig.  Geva is really sporty and lives to it, I like sports but it wasn’t on my UK priority list. haha.

2_IMG_7760 2_IMG_7761 2_IMG_7762 2_IMG_7764












It was so much like college, and I think I have too much of my face in that set of pictures. LOL. Do notice how they emphasis the exit.


The next day I was off to London for the first time with friends!











It was a long train ride but I enjoyed it, it was cool because I haven’t ever ridden such a nice train before.  It was fast and efficient 🙂 and ~45 minutes long.  I wasn’t really worried because the end of journey on my Southwest train was really the end of the tracks at Waterloo station.  So you can see the view once your near Waterloo, I’m like where are all the people? Then how the trains look when they are already at Waterloo, it’s an amazingly large station, and I love how they cover everything with that nice roof, we should do that with our stations – if we could find the space, and if we had any station that big.  They have really long deep escalators.  I imagined this would be a death trap in flood-prone Manila.












So my destination was Goodenough College where me and my friend Anna would be sleeping over with Ben!  The first picture shows this tube station I used to get to Ben’s place, I’m betting it’s not the nearest tube station, I got quite lost, but this nice Belgian college guy from UCL helped me out.  Notice the street vendors. The next picture shows Ben and Anna, somewhere in London, yes?  Then next is me near this market where they have this London Opera House I think.













So us three go to Buckingham for the first time.  It was cool, not much people when I think of it.  We walked a lot and a little lost.  Me and Anna bought London Bus Tour tickets, the picture in the middle is me in one of the buses.  Later that night we watched our first West End show – Rock of Ages.












Sometime later we met up with Irwin. I don’t know but if you ask me we look younger.  I might be mistaken, but I’m too lazy to check out the meta tags for my pics but since that picture with Irwin has the word Theatre in it we might have just watched it with him.  Anyway, the next picture is at Chinatown, somewhere at Leceister Square where the theatres are near too.  I dunno, I don’t like the cheap buffet there… meats are crumby, disintegrating type (you know for example when you don’t defrost the shrimp and you cook is straight from frozen or something), and the oil tastes weird.


The last picture I like a lot.  It sums up how I felt that week.  Something grand in front of me, but it was all rainy and dreary.  I kind of missed home a lot still. But there was so much adventure ahead.  If only the world didn’t have the need for visas.  😛

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