Pokemon Way of Life – Part I

I already forget when Pokemon Go came back, yes it was removed from the Philippines for a while. I got in July 7, but by that time they’d already about closed Pokemon Go. But then this weekend happened and Poke-paced zombies were everywhere.


Poke-paced people looking for PokemonSee that couple under the trees? Pokebrats! See those biker men? Pokestalkers! One of them activated a lure and I know it because I saw it on the Pokestop. Eyes don’t lie.


I guess I’m almost one of the lucky ones. A poke gym is about a strong throw away of a baseball. No kidding it’s just around the corner. Unfortunately, it’s not near enough, I still have to walk 30 seconds to get it! What kind of game is this! As if the world isn’t tiring enough!


Pokemon gym near my home

There, before an evil red team took the gym. But you know while I was majorly preoccupied commuting at the LRT today I passed by CSB DLSU area. It looked like a pink Mexican day.

What was that! Did any of the college students there to to school or what? That must have been Pokemon Festival right there. Luckily, all those lures help since a few pidgeybots and rattata’s came on board when the train doors opened and I was able to catch some of them while they gnashed on the hair of this unsuspecting woman.

I couldn’t take a picture of that because that would have been sad for the woman, instead I took a picture of a Rattata entering the train while the doors opened – such an opportunistic Rattata!

I also almost caught a Growlithe, but we were squished in the MRT and people were staring, I lost him what a sad moment!

But happily while on the train passing by DLSU I got to level 5 and hatched my first egg. I’m a parent now but I forgot what the egg turned into. I chose the yellow team because I like Instinct and happily the gym nearest me has gone from blue to red to yellow.


Rattata's trying to eat passengers on the train

I’ve researched though that you should reach level 20 before you fight in the gym and that you should catch 180 pidgeybots, poo-hoo, how dandy.

In the meantime, I have a 10km egg to hatch, my bag is full, my legs hurt, and I need to catch 178 pidgeybots – it’s no joke you gotta catch ‘me all!


Till my new adventure. May the Poke be with you.

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  1. Nicoleamarillo says:

    Hahahhahahahahahaha funny amazinging wow hirap naman ng 30 seconds walk??? 😂😂😂😂

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