For reasons unknown I went to the Killers concert, believe me Natalie it was a midnight show!!


You got to love it when you get a ticket to a band you love and it’s their first time to play in your country!

Well Somebody Told Me that they cancelled their supposedly first show here in the country last 2010, Believe Me Natalie, I was so happy when it was announced they were going to have a Midnight Show in Araneta!  I was like Mr Brightside, Smiling Like I Meant It.

Since I’m in dire straights (Why Do I Keep Counting?), I bought tickets at Upper Box B, I was expecting the worse since it looked like it was so far away…. to my surprise it wasn’t!  I’ve had worse in the UK in their really huge theatres or say events places.  Unless you wanted to see Brandon Flowers up close (I didn’t need to) then the seats were just perfect.  I got the first row so zero problems of having big people in front of me standing up haha (like what happened to Incubus when he first played in the Philippines in the same venue and I got VIP tickets then…).  The angle was good too, I calculated the optimum distance and viewing angle with the ticket cost – I just really needed to hear them 🙂 without feeling like I was thrown into the loser’s box, haha.  Funny thing is, the general admission tickets are where the noisy people are, sounds fun.

Getting there since it was a Thursday, was just like a Friday, so I ditched the Bling and hopped on the rush hour commute on the MRT.  Oh my Bones!!  I was like a sardine.  When the train stopped at Cubao Station, wow the people were like water rushing to the exits – This River Is Wild!  But of course, I had to calm down, Everything Will Be Alright, I had a Killers Concert to go to. As an interlude, there were these foreigners squeezed funny inside the MRT, hehe.

Anyway for PhP2,660 here’s the view:


The Killers Philippines 2013




They played my old time favourites, here’s My List:

  1. Mr Brightside
  2. Smile Like You Mean It
  3. Jenny (was a friend of mine)
  4. Somebody told me
  5. When You Were Young
  6. For Reasons Unknown (YEY!!! But I couldn’t hear that low low voice)
  7. Read My Mind

I was hoping they’d play:

  1. Believe my Natalie (did they play this I forget! I think they did… No they didn’t!! aaargh)
  2. Indie RnR
  3. On Top
  4. Who Let You Go
  5. Bones
  6. Andy You’re a Star

I was so ecstatic they played For Reasons Unknown, it was like they Read My Mind, I felt like I was On Top! I’m like – All These Things That I’ve Done – I don’t deserve this Indie Rock and Roll!  When We Were Young, these were the things you imagined, singing your favourite songs live with your favourite band – the feeling like your falling off a cliff.  Much like when that someone special takes a Piece of My Heart, but The Killers didn’t leave me hanging no way.

I guess I’ll go to their next concert to hear the remaining songs live! Oh, All The Pretty Faces, just like Nikki who I met after the show. Nikki Is A Friend of Mine.

Anyway, <3 Can’t wait for my next concert.



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