P99 curiosity at Sizzling Pepper Steak turns out a catastrophe!

I was with my mom at Robinsons Galleria today after hearing Friday mass at EDSA Shrine and it was lunch. We happened to be at the 4th floor and we passed by Sizzling Pepper Steak.

I’ve heard from some people that it’s worth a try. I finally went in and tried it because they had these P99 deals. They had three variants, two were seafood and the other was a roast beef variant.

Me and my mom tried the beef variant and here is how it looks:


It looked good at first glance. But then looking at it again I noticed the meat sizes were more like specks of dust. I told myself, “naah doesn’t look much but I’m sure you’ll get full”. I didn’t.

How did it taste? Terrible.
The meat was all cartilage type, the rice was ultra dry (my mom got the part at the bottom of the rice pot; not that that’s not good, that would go extremely well with sinigang but for this meal it was terrible). The vegetables included …. lame!

No taste, no inspiration. My advice: AVOID!!

The best P99 meal so far (let’s pray it remains forever): Pizza Hut Sulit meals!!

PS I just had to give feedback to the manager so I filled out their form (picture below) and had to create a new category just for what I experienced!


#aaron can’t listen to music while making this post!

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