Signs, signs, signs

I began having a fascination with directional signage when I was a consultant to this tourist master development plan in my country.  It was not surprising since I had to design many way finding devices.  When I got to the UK I was delighted by the vast number and variation I found.  In Britain, it seems that they have so much history and this you can tell by the signs they have.  They point you to important places – both old and new.

I wish we had the same in our country.  It gives you a sense of pride of place knowing that history is remembered in your area – even if its as trivial as how far away from the capital.  Signs for me show that a place and it’s people place importance to time, to being organized and orderly – nobody likes wasting time being lost.  Well, it’s good to know that if you do ever get lost in the UK, all you need is to know how to read and a good pair of shoes and you’ll get on the right path soon enough (hopefully before dark, it gets so cold!). Right now I just a few pictures of signs in the UK that I took, it’s hard looking through a year’s worth of pictures.  My personal favourite being the signs for the exit taken during freshers week at Royal Holloway.



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