Sushiya: taste maintained!

Me, my cousin Nicole and my mom ate at Sushiya last Sunday. I’ve always loved the Sushiya at Robinsons Galleria – the food just tastes so good, consistently good and yummy. They’ve moved quite a number of times from opposite corners of the mall, their prices have gone up and up but the service size and quality have remained an unchanging excellent.

That’s the kind of good restaurant you like, their prices might go up (in line with inflation of course) but the quality improves or remains the same.

Among my favorites is Chucadon but this time around I ordered Sukiyaki and Torikatsudon. I always wondered what the difference of Katsudon was from Torikatsudon. Now I know the latter is pig and the former is chicken!

Here are some pictures of the Sukiyaki (P175 good for 2 people) and Torikatsudon (P120 I think hehe, good for 1 person).



And so we ordered extra rice and ate it with chopsticks in bowls, I felt so Japanese hehe!

I loved it. Tasted so clean and yummy!


Totally deserving of generous gratuity!
I’ll be eating there again very soon!

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